8 Awesome Blow up, Fold up and Pop up Ottomans for indoors and out!

When I built a deck outside our house,

I wanted to make it nice and comfy!

So I bought some Inflatable ottomans to use for the outdoor space and I never looked back.

Since then, I even bought a few different color ottomans to brighten up the patio. they are waterproof and weather resistant so I wont have to worry about leaving them out on the porch.

Here are a few of my favorite blow up ottomans,

hopefully they will inspire you glam up your outdoor seating area too,


I love, love, love these ottomans.

There outdoor ottomans are really quite colorful and bring a nice slash of color to our deck.

They come with a little pump which is a bit flimsy,

but I pumped them up and they have not deflated in 2 months!.

I use both of them on our uncovered deck, and despite all the elements they have held up well.

They are light weight so when I know a big storm is coming in I put inside our shed.

These are used as ottomans, tables and seats depending on the situation. 

We usually have our kids birthdays parties out on our deck so they get plenty of use!

One great little feature of these outdoor ottomans is the zipper hides away, the handle on the side makes for easy pick up and moving.

Heres a tip,

This blow up ottoman comes in two pieces, the outer cover and the inner inflatable piece.

Before inflating,

put the inner piece inside the cover.

Because it will be almost impossible to place insert in the cover after being inflated.


make sure to zipp the cover up and guide w/your finger on the inside so it does not grab the material and get stuck.

Place the plug on the bottom of the ottoman where the zipper ends.

This allows easy access just in case you need to add more air once inserted.

Get these ottomans – they really are fantastic. .

More info available here.

Outdoor Inflatable Patio Foot Stool and Ottoman.

Love this purchase!

If you are looking for a decorative pouf for your patio and don’t want to spend $60-$80 for one,

then this is the outdoor ottoman for you!

So when I saw this I knew I had to have it.

Definitely will be buying more for my backyard.

Takes a little bit to blow up, but not that big of a deal.

Easily sturdy enough to put your feet on or even put a tray on if you are having some food on your patio!

A quick tip;

partially inflate the inner part before putting on fabric cover.

this allows you to be able to get in and positioned correctly.

make sure the inflate deflate valve is near the opening.

then finish blowing it up.

Inflatable ottoman for boating and camping.

For campers and boaters, space is always a concern.

This ottoman blows up quickly when you need it and deflates when you want to put it away.

BTW – the fabric is nicer than I thought it would be.

The fabric is a high quality outdoor fabric, that should hold up well over time.

Check out more info and pictures here.

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman

This is a very comfortable and light blow up chair and ottoman.

When I was moving apartment a few years ago, I ended up without a couch for two weeks.

So I decided to see if there was a low-cost temporary furniture solution out there.

This inflatable chair/ottoman caught my eye and at $20 how can you go wrong.

It does not come with an air pump, but they are available for $15-$20.

The chair inflated in a couple of minutes while the ottoman took a little longer – maybe 5 minutes.

They deflated just as quickly and fold up neatly in the closet taking very little space.

I did not have a single durability issue!

This chair was my primary [only] place to sit in my apartment so it got plenty of use until my furniture arrived!

The ottoman is a great touch.

You can just lounge in the chair and put your feet up.

It was also useful to put my laptop on while sitting upright on the chair.

More info and pics here.

Fold-out Chair Inflatable Bed for home and camping.

A lot of people use these inside their house for seating but I wanted to use this for camping.

Seems to hold air well as it has three compartments that fill up.

Sitting in it as a chair is pretty comfortable.

Laying down on it also is comfortable as it is an airbed after all!

Which I could camping in left it inside our tent and it got a little dirty. It was fine, all we did was brushed off with a broom.

If you plan on putting it back in the Box, make sure you suck all the air out of it really good first.

You have to fold it just right to get it to fit back in the box. It’s not impossible but it’s not easy either!

This is good temporary solution for sitting, it does the trick for a fair price. Love it!

Check out more pics here.

Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable  stool, Round Ottoman, Foot Rest.

Love this purchase! Been needing a decorative pouf for my backyard  .Good price , looks great and functions well.

Comfortable to sit and good as a table as well. Easy to inflate and deflate/store.

The fabric is a high quality outdoor fabric, that should hold up well over time.

The cover is removable and easy to clean.

I can’t stress how great this item is for the price! Would definitely recommend it.

Its super cute and very comfy to rest your feet or even sit on.

I’ve even used it to sit on when I’m gardening outside sometimes.

Here’s a quick tip;

Remember not to blow up the stool to the limit because in the sun it inflates some more when the air expands.

Check out more info here.

Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow and Kids Airplane Bed

We loved this product, it was so easy and quick to inflate and was exactly the height and width of a standard airplane seat.

It is an absolute God send to have a break from holding your babies and a place to lay them down to sleep id flight.

If your child rolls about when sleeping then having 2 of these inflatable pillows will be very helpful.

These will also be comfortable for an adult to rest your legs on.

They are easy to inflate using large blowhole for 95%, then using small hole for the rest.

Heres a tip;

Deflate as much as possible by pushing down on entire pillow, then fold in each side and deflate more by tightly rolling pillow from bottom.

If you have the room to step on it, that would help to get it more flat.

check out more info here.

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